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Properties of Raspberry

Raspberries are a small plant of small size (semi-small), growing in gardens, forests (often in the fields of felling) and on the banks of rivers. It is famous for its fruits – delicious and very useful berries.

Raspberry bush
Description of raspberries

It is a raspberry spiny shrub reaching three-meter high (usually 1.5 meters). Has a powerful branched system, because of which it is very difficult to pass through the shrub (a couple of scratches do not get rid of). The bush adorns many oval leaves of green color. They hide the berries that cover the whole shrub. However, finding berries simply because they have red or burgundy color, although they are yellow.

Raspberries are fairly large (up to 3 centimeters in diameter), but inside they are empty. Because the berries are the hairy trunks (small slices, which consists of berries), which grow on a flower bulb. Ripe berries are easily cut off, and as a result, the inner part remains empty.

Raspberry bush
Photo by Helena Jacoba, link to the original (photo has been changed).
The use of raspberries

Raspberries contain pectin and tannins, organic acids, ketones, fatty and essential oils, fiber, as well as vitamins (A, B, C, E, PP) and minerals (potassium, copper, iron). Due to such rich content of useful substances, raspberry is considered one of the most valuable fruit crops. Berries bring great benefit to the human body:

– strengthen the immune system (as well as an antipyretic agent at high temperature);

– improves the activity of the cardiovascular system;

– Helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

– improves skin condition;

– increases appetite.

Raspberries are very tasty and useful, and therefore have a healing effect on the body. Just keep in mind that everything should be in order, even such useful berries. Overeating raspberries can cause a lot of problems.

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