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Plain roach

Roach is a very common fish belonging to the family of carp. Other names of this species – vobla, ram, chebak, squire, fence. And it has such a large variety of names due to the fact that there are many of its subspecies. Although, in general, the differences are not particularly large (eye color, length, width). But anyway, in a particular area used its own name.

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Description of the roach

Usually the length of the body of this fish is 15-25 centimeters, but may reach a half a meter. At the same time, it weighs from a few tens of grams to three kilograms. So, the largest caught roach weighed 2.58 kg. But this, of course, is not the limit.

The distinctive features of fish are:

– a body stretched out in length, covered with rather large scales (in the side line about 40 flakes);
– her color: dark back (with a shade of green or blue), silver side and belly, red fins (although the chest may be yellowish, and dorsal – dark, under the color of the back);
– blood red color of the eyes (although the subfamily, called chebak, has yellow eyes);
– Dorsal fin, consisting of 10-12 feathers, and located above the base of the abdominal;
– sharpened mouth and the presence of 10-12 blunt teeth (5-6 on one side).
But, as already mentioned, subspecies of roach may have a few other properties. For example, a wider body has a broader body, and a blackhead is narrower. There are subfamilies with yellow fins, or, for example, with reddish back. But, in general, this fish has a remarkable appearance, and it is rather difficult to confuse it with another. So far, this is not a question of redneck. By the way, the roach is distinguished by red eyes, more silvery color of the body, and a large number of feathers in the dorsal fin (with a total of 8-9 in red rocks).

This fish lives about 10 years (if it is not eaten by predators or will not die for other reasons). And to protect itself from the threat, it hides under various rocks or in thick vegetation (algae, cane). At the same time it keeps flocks, giving out its location and only attracting the attention of predators.


There are only three subspecies of this fish of particular value in Russia: rasan, vobla and chebak. They are harvested on an industrial scale, after which they are used either freshly or in dried (less often in smoked).

But in general, roach is more likely a bad fish than useful. And the whole thing is that it eats zooplankton in huge quantities, and this leads to water blooming and overgrown water bodies. That is why the industrial catch of this species is only encouraged. True, it is incomprehensible to have a subsequent attitude to this catch – in Europe fish either are allowed to feed animals, or are processed into biofuels. It’s too wasteful. Another thing is Russia – here the wilted vobla and rabbit is very popular.

Plain roach
Roach is a very common fish belonging to the family of carp. Other names of this species - vobla, ram, chebak, squire, fence. And it has such a large variety…


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