Viruses and viral diseases
The virus is an infectious agent that does not have a cellular structure, and is capable of reproducing only within cells of living organisms. For this they are referred to…

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Role of rivers in nature
The river is a significant amount of water flow flowing along the channel (deepening in the earth's surface) from the source (the beginning of the river) to the mouth (the…

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The use of chamomile

Chamomile – a genus of flowering plants, numbering 25 species. The most famous of them is the chamomile. It is a medicinal plant used in cosmetology and medicine.

Description of camomile

The plant is not very large in size, and most memorable by its inflorescences. Yellow-white flowers are so famous that they have found their application even in official symbols. True, not all chamomile have such a coloring. There are also pink daisies, both purple and blue. But all of them are very similar to each other and easily differ from other plants.

Daisies are common throughout the world. They feel themselves most well in the loose sandy soil of a moderate climate, although they are found in permafrost zones, and in tropical areas – in the same Africa, for example. True, there because of local beliefs that supposedly chamomile attracted evil spirits, they were almost completely exterminated.

Properties of chamomile

Usually collecting flowers and aphids of the plant. They contain essential oils, glycosides, azulenes, antimic acids, etc. Thanks to this, the plant deservedly considered medicinal, and, accordingly, used in the manufacture of medical products. However, in folk medicine chamomile has found its application. Only here the plants do not process, and they are dried, in order to make tinctures and extracts on their basis.

Daisies have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this tincture on their basis are often used for rinsing, and also for baths and lotions. In addition, chamomile tea is very popular. It has a calming effect, as well as improves the functioning of the stomach and helps with some diseases of the digestive system. In general, chamomile is a very useful medicinal plant.

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