World ocean and its properties
The ocean covers about 70% of the surface of our planet. Thus, it is an aquatic membrane, stretched almost all over the surface of the Earth. The oceans are continuous,…

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Overpopulation of the Earth
Overcrowding is a surplus of population in relation to livelihoods or the demand for labor. That is, if not all of the population of the planet is in demand, and…

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Salvia officinalis
Medicinal sage is a grassy plant of the genus Salih. Its name, as you can guess, received this form for the medicinal properties that it possesses. Medicinal sage does not…

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Millenium, or Cutting grass

Thistle ordinary, or Cutting grass – is a perennial grassy plant with many beneficial properties. It got its names due to the separation of leaves into a large number of segments. Thousands – a thousand leaves, although the amount, of course, is different from all the representatives, usually a lot less than a thousand. And the second name, the cut grass, means “cut”, “cut” (on those same segments).

Common thistle is found on almost all continents, but it is most widely distributed in Asia and Europe. Moreover, it occurs almost in any place: in the steppes, in meadows, in forests, along the banks of reservoirs, near the roads. Pretty not a whimsical plant.

Description of the miller

Cutting grass has stalks of varying sizes (0.2 – 1.2 meters) and shapes: rounded, straight, winding. Regardless of shape, they all branch in the upper part, ending at the very top with white inflorescences, collecting a lot of small flowers. Well, the famous leaves of the plant are in the middle and lower part of it, located on the very stalk. They are not very large, but they are divided into a large number of segments.

The use of the plant

Thistle ordinary is a medicinal plant. In folk medicine, it is commonly used in the form of various infusions and extracts. In modern medicine is used for the manufacture of drugs and drugs. Usually used to treat diseases of the digestive system, or with inflammation of the urinary tract. It is also used for almost any type of internal and external bleeding.

In addition, the herb has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Sometimes it acts as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

Quite often, a peppermint is used as a decorative plant. They planted flowerbeds and country houses, framed curbs. For this purpose, many species have been derived, differing in different colors of inflorescences. And some species are so beautiful that they are not only planted on the flowerbeds, but also with pleasure consist of bouquets that have not only attractive appearance but also a pleasant smell.

Artificial reservoirs of our planet
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The use of chamomile
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