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Ayr and his benefit

Air is a genus of evergreen herbaceous plants, which includes from 2 to 6 species (according to different sources). There are these useful plants in various humid places: on the banks of rivers and lakes, in swamps. Moreover, most of them are located directly in the water, in shallow waters

Description of Aira

The height of the plant varies from 10 to 120 cm. At the same time, Aire has a thick rhizome, a straight three-edged stem and long leaves emerging from the rhizome. The color of the plant is dull green.

The name of Aire, incidentally, comes from the Greek word, and it means “sharp” or “impenetrable”. The presence of rather sharp leaves and not the brightest color explains it.

The use of aira

This plant is used both in folk medicine and in modern. In both cases, the leaves and rhizomes of the plant are used. Preparations made from aire have the following beneficial properties:

– General strengthening and tonic effect on the body.

– Providing a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Prevention of diseases of the digestive system.

– Treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.

– Treatment of skin diseases, especially scabies.

– Removal of spasm, anesthesia, disinfection of wounds, haemostatic effect.
In addition, it is used in ayur and in cooking. So, the rhizome plant is quite tasty, and therefore it is often used as a food. Previously, for example, the candied rhizome of Aira was considered sweet at all.

Also air is used as a decorative plant. Very often they are planted by the banks of the ponds and small streams, as it looks very beautiful, and the plant does not require special care.

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