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White shark is a dangerous predator

White shark is a species of large predatory fish. And although they are best known for this name, there are others. So, the full name of these fish is Big White Sharks (English). Usually it is used in scientific works, mass media, and some serious sources of information. The less well-known names of this dangerous predator are Carcharodon (Latin) and the Spider-Man. As you can guess from the latter, this type of shark is quite dangerous for a person.

White shark
Description White Shark

These dangerous predators grow on average up to 4-5 meters in length, and weigh them at the same time about a ton. They represent very strong, fast and extremely dangerous predatory fish.
The color of the upper part of their body is usually dark gray, and the lower part is light. And it is extremely difficult to detect sharks. After all, if you look from above – it merges with a dark color of water.

Carcharodon is dangerous not only by its size, but also by other features of the physiology of his body. They help him find the prey and kill her. And this should be explained in more detail:

– The jaws of this water predator have 3 rows of teeth. Thanks to this, when you scan your head from side to side, the teeth squirt the flesh, clamped in the jaws.

– The sensory organs, called the Lorentzine ampules, allow you to find sufficiently large living organisms in their electromagnetic field. True, this ability only works at a short distance.

– But with the help of the organs of olfactory shark, cannibals are able to capture the smell of blood dissolved in water, on tens of kilometers.

– In addition, it has this species of fish and other organs capable of finding their victims. For example, do not forget about a side line that can capture vibration. Or about sight with hearing.

Strangely enough, the cannibal sharks, mainly, are day-to-day lifestyles. Infected in the surface waters of virtually all seas and oceans, they hunt for many aquatic animals of relatively small size. Well, and also eat decomposing carcasses of large animals – whales, for example. So they live, constantly rushing along the seas and oceans in search of prey. Interestingly, they live on average, roughly the same as people – up to 70 years.

The danger for white sharks is represented by killer whales and combly crocodiles. A lot of collisions have been recorded that ended in the death of this, seemingly terrible predator.


The cannibal sharks got their name by no means in vain. For a person, they represent a serious danger, though people for them are not the most delicious prey. In general, if you do not provoke this water predator, then he will not attack. Less than a hundred cases of attacks of sharks per person are recorded annually, and only about a dozen of them end in the deaths of people.

Generally speaking, white sharks remain in the world relatively small – about 3-4 thousand. Maybe it’s for the better

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