The use of chamomile
Chamomile - a genus of flowering plants, numbering 25 species. The most famous of them is the chamomile. It is a medicinal plant used in cosmetology and medicine. chamomile Description…

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Role of rivers in nature
The river is a significant amount of water flow flowing along the channel (deepening in the earth's surface) from the source (the beginning of the river) to the mouth (the…

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The atmosphere of the building
The Earth's atmosphere has a number of layers that differ in their various properties: temperature, pressure, height, composition, etc. Troposphere The area of ​​the atmosphere extending from the surface of…

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Big panda

The big panda is a species of mammals belonging to the bear family. These animals have an interesting black-and-white color, thanks to which they look very cute. In addition to this, they have a harmless character. Another name for this species is the Bamboo Bear (their favorite bamboo delicacy).

Big panda
Description of the panda

On average, the length of the body of these cute animals is 1.5 meters, and males are slightly larger than females. The body weight of adult individuals varies from 50 to 150 kg.
Like bears, they have a massive body and are a bit awkward. However, pandas do not need dexterity, because they do not hunt, and eat bamboo, basically.

To distinguish bamboo bears from other animals is quite simple in color, after all, it is very remarkable. Usually most of the body of the panda is covered with white thick fur, but the area around the eyes, ears and paws is painted in black. Although there are other variations. This is such a fun color and makes the animals so cute.

Interesting about pandas

Difficult to imagine, but bamboo bears are predators. Although they eat almost bamboo (about 30 kg per day), they can also eat small animals, insects, and even carrion. In fairness, it is worth noting that it is only necessary for them to obtain nutrients, because bamboo can not provide the body with all the necessary substances.

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