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Tiger is the world’s largest cat

Tigers are a kind of mammals that belong to the cat family. They represent fairly large, fast and strong animals, making them dangerous predators. This is evidenced even by their name, translated as fast, sharp.

Description of the tiger

Big cats are very impressive. So, in length they grow to 1.5 – 2.5 meters, and this is without taking into account the length of the tail. The height at the withers is about 1 meter, and the body weight – an average of 200 kg. True, females are less impressive in size, and it’s easy to see. Their mass ranges from 100 to 180 kg.
Tigers are the largest representatives of the cat. The two subspecies of these cats, Amur and Bengal tigers, are particularly large in size. Their record mass is 384 and 388 kg, respectively.

There are big cats and their color. The orange color prevails in it, the tone of which depends on the subspecies of the animal. But the inside of the paws and the stomach almost always remain white. Although the best known in the tiger’s color are stripes. They are located across the body, and can range from black to brown. Usually one person is more than a hundred, and not all stripes are even and straight – many divide and create beautiful patterns. That’s what makes cats so beautiful.

White Tiger

At present, only about 5-6 thousand tigers live in the world, since the rest have been exterminated. And almost all of them are located in Asia, and are distributed throughout the eastern part of the continent. So, it is known that they were preserved in the territory of 16 countries, including Russia.

All existing individuals belong to 6 subspecies: Amur, Bengali, Malay, Chinese, Indo-Chinese, Sumatran. And almost half of the tigers belong to the Bengali subspecies, and all others are on the brink of destruction. That’s why the hunt for these beautiful animals is banned all over the world.

Lifestyle of the tiger

Usually these cats are active at night, as well as in the morning and evening hours. But in the day they drop off, although not always. Big cats are hunted, mostly on ungulates: deer, roe deer, wild boars and others. Although they feed on many other animals: fish, reptiles, birds, or even pets. For this they do not really like them.
Kill their victims by biting their necks, although they also have a powerful blow to the paw. Usually they either attack from the ambush, or sneak up as close as possible to the victim, playing later with them in the catch.

Tigers lead a solitary life, and they are territorial animals. So, they can be the sole owners of territories from 20 to 100 km2 (less possession of females, and large ones – in males). And they protect their property very zealously, constantly bypassing it and marking it. Particularly in this regard, the males that do not even allow them to walk on their possessions stand out. While females may even share ownership with other representatives of the tiger community.

Significant differences from ordinary cats are the love of water (often bathed) and dislike of climbing trees (too big). But in terms of reproduction, they are quite similar. These pairs do not form family pairs. After birth, the tiger, as a rule, only the female takes care of them, not letting the male to the cubs.

Danger for a person

Generally speaking, usually tigers have enough food and they do not hunt for people. However, it happens otherwise. For example, sick or elderly people who often do not have the power to catch up or overcome more complex prey are rising on the path of cannibalism. Although attacking a person can be healthy cats.

As a rule, the main danger for a person is tiger ambushes, since they prefer these cats to unexpectedly attack from the back when they are not seen. Thanks to this, a way to significantly reduce the likelihood of an attack was invented. People began wearing masks on the back of the head. Thus, a dangerous predator rarely decides to attack, because it can not distinguish the mask from the face and thinks that it will be noticed.

But in general, the vast majority of large cats do not attack people. Most attacks belong to individual representatives of this species. However, this does not justify tigers. Probably, this has become the cause of widespread extermination of predators.

Interesting about tigers

The tiger is the largest cat, and at the same time possesses the greatest strength among all the cats. However, in the battle, these animals are inferior to lions. Probably because of their main difference: the lions live on the pride, and the tigers are lonely, in essence. Thanks to this, the lion, firstly, gets more experience of battles, defending his territory, and secondly, is more calm and intelligent in battle, and thirdly, he can fight even with serious wounds, because he knows that he will take care of his relatives. The tiger is deprived of such support, because of which it fights aggressively, involuntarily, and leaves the battle after the first wounds.

Another twenty years ago, the first hybrids of honey were brought out by lions and tigers. The lioness and tiger blend received the name tigroleum (or taiga). They have signs and both feline, sometimes united

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