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WWF – World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the largest independent international public organizations engaged in the conservation and restoration of the environment. Its main goal is to maintain the biological diversity of our planet. The World Wildlife Fund slogan is “For a Living Planet.”
Also, this environmental organization is engaged in the study of nature, the prevention of degradation of the environment and the search for ways to achieve harmony between man and nature.

The official site of the organization is new.wwf.ru

WWF site
Activities of the World Nature Fund

The World Wildlife Fund has more than 5 million people and many more people support it. The organization operates in more than 100 countries of the world, supporting more than a thousand environmental projects scattered all over the world. The organization spent more than fifty years on the achievement of this result (date of foundation – 11.09.1961).

Successful activity of the fund of nature also leads in Russia. Moreover, WWF in this country is a national Russian organization (and not a foreign representative). That is, one can distinguish the existence of two practically identical organizations – WWF Russia and WWF.

In cooperation with the state, the organization is engaged in preservation and increase of the number of rare animals. To this end, new laws are introduced, large-scale studies are being carried out, nature protection territories are created, etc.

Achieving WWF goals

It is thanks to the support of ordinary people and the goals set by the organization are achieved. As a result of charity donations, the World Wildlife Fund has the opportunity to develop conservation projects and finance them. And thanks to volunteer staff, you can be sure that there will be someone to take part in them.

The main way of protecting, preserving and restoring the number of representatives of the animal world is “field work”. Under these words implies:

– Accounting for the abundance of rare species of animals.

– Creation of nature protection territories.

– Breeding of rare and endangered species of animals.

– Fighting poaching and other types of environmental crime.

– Development and introduction of restrictions on the use of natural resources.

– Prevention of environmental pollution and reduction of harmful effects.

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