Pandemics (mass epidemics)
Pandemic is an epidemic that is massive in nature. That is, an epidemic that can spread across territories of many can hit entire continents.countries that The most famous pandemics -…

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Viruses and viral diseases
The virus is an infectious agent that does not have a cellular structure, and is capable of reproducing only within cells of living organisms. For this they are referred to…

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Artificial reservoirs of our planet
An artificial reservoir is a pool of water formed by a human being, for the purpose of its conservation, accumulation and further use. In other words, this place created by…

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The significance of ecology in our world

Ecology is called science studying the interaction of living organisms among themselves, as well as with the surrounding world. This is necessary in order to minimize the harm done by nature to a person, to learn how to use natural resources rationally, to preserve rare species of animals and plants, and simply to survive. In view of the fact that human activity is very influential on nature, ecology is the straw that can save humanity.

For example, ozone holes were formed at the end of the 20th century due to the use of ozone-depleting substances. After which the use of these substances was prohibited, and holes began to be delayed. The ozone layer, which protects our planet from solar radiation, was saved precisely thanks to the science of Ecology.

Environmental measures

It is customary to assume that human activity destroys nature. To some extent, it is. But it is not worth it to blame someone, just such a way the development of humanity has chosen. And all that can be done right now is to take measures to preserve nature. It is nice to know that most countries take such measures. National parks and nature reserves are created, environmental protection measures are carried out, environmental protection organizations arise, etc. This instills the hope that nature will be preserved, albeit not in its primeval form.

Cleaning the territory
Environmental crimes

One of the measures aimed at protecting the environment is the creation of legislation limiting the degree of environmental impact. Its main goals are to teach people to use natural resources rationally and protect nature. Violation of any of the provisions of this law is called an environmental crime. It entails a criminal responsibility for this.

Environmental problems

An environmental problem is any violation of the structure and functioning of nature, which has occurred as a result of natural disasters or human exposure. Unfortunately, such problems are not uncommon. It is not surprising, because nature is poorly studied, and it is incredibly difficult to predict how a particular action will affect the world around us. Although it happens, even when knowing about the consequences, people can not give up their plans.

Environmental problems are a serious threat to our planet, so measures are being taken to address them. But far from always it is possible to achieve positive results. Probably because of the fact that people are divided. Many think that this is not their problem, that it does not concern it, and remain indifferent. But if one does at least the smallest, it will already be enough. Life is worthy of it to fight for it.

Pollution of reservoirs
Water pollution is a serious environmental problem. Indeed, water is essential for the existence of all living organisms, including humans. But its contamination makes it impossible to use water for…


Properties of mushrooms
Mushrooms are a realm of wildlife that combines signs of both plants and animals. Although for a long time they were erroneously attributed precisely to plants. We attribute them to…