Flies and their role in nature
Flies are very common flying two-winged insects. They inhabit practically all warm areas of the planet, delivering many problems to living organisms, including people. After all, flies are the carriers…

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World ocean and its properties
The ocean covers about 70% of the surface of our planet. Thus, it is an aquatic membrane, stretched almost all over the surface of the Earth. The oceans are continuous,…

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Millenium, or Cutting grass
Thistle ordinary, or Cutting grass - is a perennial grassy plant with many beneficial properties. It got its names due to the separation of leaves into a large number of…

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Karas and its features

Karas is a fairly common species of fish belonging to the family of carp. Interestingly, in this species there are several species of crucian carp, one of which is the Goldfish. Although it is derived by artificial means, it is quite real.

Photo by Sara Beth Adkins, link to the original (photo has been changed).
Description of the crucian carp

Depending on the type of karaose, the length of their bodies can reach 40-50 cm, and weight – 2-3 kg. At the same time, they have a medium-thick body and a fairly thick back, on which a long fin is located.
The body of this fish is covered with rather large scales (about 33 flakes in the side line).

The color of these representatives of the carp, as well as some of their features, depend on the species. The most common and known are golden crucian carp, which is larger in size, and silver crucian. Generally speaking, they are very similar, and practically have no differences. The main difference is their color. So, silver crucian has a light color, and golden – yellowish.

Golden crucian carp
The author of the photo is rjp, the link to the original (photo has been changed).

Curry has an important commercial value, since it is caught in large quantities, after which it is consumed in food. To this end, it even breeds in fishing farms. Yes, and ordinary ponds in the country villages are populated by this particular fish.

Most often use this beautiful fish in fried form, dried and dried. Although it is present in many culinary recipes and in another form.

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