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The lakes and their role in nature

The lake is a naturally occurring water filled with water in the boundaries of a lake bowl and has no direct connection with the sea or the ocean. Or, according to geographical definition, a lake is a naturally occurring closed entrainment filled with water in the earth’s surface.
The lakes are not part of the world ocean, being considered as something intermediate between the ponds and the seas.

Lake Marion
Due to the fact that lakes are closed reservoirs, many chemical reactions occur in them. And even the fact that many lakes are rife with rivers that carry out water exchange does not substantially change anything. Currents, of course, have their effect, but they are too small to be very noticeable.

Many elements entering the lake are transformed into bottom sediments, due to which the relief of the bottom can noticeably change. Although there is a reverse process. Also, the relief of the bottom changes overgrowing lakes (predominantly algae). Provided there is no drainage of water, all this can lead to the formation of swamps. Only it will be necessary for this century.

In the set of lakes, which do not have runoff (or having an insignificant runoff of water), the composition of water changes significantly. This happens because of the evaporation of moisture. After all, in fact, pure water evaporates, and various salts and minerals remain in the reservoirs, due to which their concentration is significantly increased.

Classification of lakes

The lakes are different, and even very much. Yes, they can be natural, but can be created artificially. Most of the lakes are terrestrial, but there are underground lakes. Part of the lake has a runoff, and they are called wastewater, but another part can not boast of it – they are called bottlenecks. In nature, there can exist fresh lakes, most of which are minerals (that is, salty ones). There are many criteria by which to classify lakes, but the most popular of them is the method of formation of lakes. So, there are 10 different reasons for the formation of natural lakes:

– River. They are also called old men. They are formed as a result of the formation of a loop by the river, and the subsequent separation of this loop from the channel of the river. In other words, river lakes are a part of the old river bed.

– Ice glaciers form when glaciers melt.

– Tectonic lakes represent cracks in the earth’s surface, filled with water.

– Mountain lakes arise in mountainous basins.

– Crater lakes are filled with water craters of extinct volcanoes, as well as cavities formed during eruptions. In the event that the volcanic activity is maintained at least a little, such reservoirs can be thermal springs.

– Floodplain They are formed in river floodplains.

– Seaside lakes, as a rule, are separated from the seas by a narrow section of land. There are two types of reservoirs: lagoons and estuaries. Water in them, in many cases, represents something middle between fresh and sea waters.

– Sea lakes. Formulated as a result of glaciers activity.

– Submerged. They are formed in the results of the overlap of the mountain river, which happens due to collapses.

– Failing lakes, also called karst. They may disappear from time to time, and then appear again. This is due to the dynamics of groundwater.
Lake of the Morning Glory
The classification of lakes by characteristics and characteristics may be more obvious. Yes, you can select a group of the most interesting lakes. And to include it in the largest, deep and clean lakes. In general, those that stand out among other things are their properties. Indeed, the most interesting lakes of the world are of great value.

You can also read about the most beautiful and most unusual lakes of our planet.

The value of lakes

In addition to the fact that lakes are valuable sources of fresh water, there are also other reasons for which they are considered to be very important and useful natural objects. Yes, they have served as sources of food since ancient times because they have a huge variety of fish and other living organisms. And also used in economic needs, for example, for irrigation fields.

Large lakes soften the climate of adjacent areas. That is, make it more stable. This is due to the ability of the reservoirs to resist a significant change in temperature. For comparison, in the deserts the temperature in the daytime can be +50 ° C, and at night it will drop to zero. The lakes do not allow the temperature to change so sharply, and, accordingly, vibrations and other meteorological indicators decrease.


The lake for a person, as well as for many living beings, is vital. For the most part, of course, because of the huge reserves of fresh water, which is becoming smaller and smaller in the world. It is necessary to appreciate and protect the lake, because if we allow them to be polluted, we will lose a significant part of the main natural resource. And this raises big problems. Therefore, be careful about nature, because it’s so simple! It is worth only applying a drop of effort, and not only we, but our descendants will be able to see the beauty of the surrounding world, and enjoy it.

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